AB 1492 Development of Ecological Performance Measures for California’s Nonfederal Timberlands

Assembly Bill 1492 directs the Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program to develop a statewide ecological performance measures (EPM) approach as an accountability measure for the multiple State programs that regulate timber management on nonfederal forestlands. Harnessing data from existing monitoring programs across State and Federal resource agencies, the intent is to establish a spatially explicit, consistent monitoring approach to track forest ecosystem condition over time at a regional scale. Results will be used to inform decision makers in their work to support adaptive management of timberlands and to help ensure the accountability of State-led forest management regulatory programs. Looking beyond the mandate of AB 1492, the EPM approach may also assist in the evaluation of State and Federal programs to invest in forest health and resilience.

California’s timberland ecosystems are abundant (over 17 million acres), diverse, and productive. In the context of ever-increasing pressure and stress on these forested systems, including catastrophic wildfire and climate change, it is more important than ever to monitor changes in ecosystem conditions towards ensuring State regulations and programs are keeping pace with what is needed to sustain California timberlands into the future.

To be successful, the ecological performance measures must have a sound scientific basis and be supported by the review team agencies, other state and federal natural resource agencies, regulated forestland owners, and a wide range of stakeholders. Providing stakeholder input opportunities for the development of ecological performance measures and other aspects of the Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program will be critical to the program’s success.

Working Group

The mission of the Ecological Performance Measures Working Group is the development of and implementation planning for ecological performance measures, as called for by Assembly Bill (AB) 1492. There are four working groups and a leadership team. You can access the charters for each of these by clicking on the links below. In the near future, we will be posting draft work plans, which are currently under development, for comment.


  • Loretta Moreno, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) – Natural Resources Agency

Participating State Departments and Agencies

Other Participating Organizations

Public Participants


  • Additional information on the development of Ecological Performance Measures for California’s Nonfederal Timberland Ecosystems – Please email Loretta Moreno or call (916) 653-5700.
  • Email list: Receive updates by email regarding activities of the AB 1492 Program and related updates on the Ecological Performances Measures initiative. Subscribe online to the email list.
  • Posted March 20, 2019 – Notification of Public Workshop on April 17, 2019

Please see the attached Notice from the Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program announcing a stakeholder workshop pursuant to AB 1492 which requires the establishment of ecological performance measures in order to monitor the state’s timberland ecosystems. The workshop is scheduled for April 17, 2019 (webcast or in-person in Sacramento, CA). This is a public workshop for all those interested in California timberland ecosystem management and/or monitoring, including:

      • private landowners
      • businesses
      • those who recreate in our state’s timberlands or depend on them for water supply or other purposes
      • scientists and researchers
      • agency personnel
      • land trusts
      • and more…

You will find detailed information on the above Notice as to the objectives for this workshop, as well as contact information for any questions that you may have. We look forward to the prospect of your participation as we develop this important monitoring initiative.

  • Posted January 15, 2019 – Soliciting members of the public to participate in the Ecological Performance Measures Working Group

Beyond stakeholder workshops that are planned to gather stakeholder input on the development of Ecological Performance Measures for Timberland Ecosystems under AB 1492, the Ecological Performance Measures Working Group (see Leadership for more information) is seeking 2-3 members of the public to participate in periodic Working Group meetings. Details:

Working Group meetings held approximately every 6 weeks for the foreseeable future) to provide technical expertise to support all stages of EPM initiative including: methods development; data acquisition; data processing; assessment; reporting.

If you or someone you nominate are interested in applying to join the Working Group, please provide your resume and a cover letter expressing your interest, technical skills and potential supporting role in the Working Group and describing your general availability to attend meetings.

Deadline: Close of business February 6, 2019

Please email your application to Loretta Moreno at Loretta.Moreno@resources.ca.gov.

Deadline: Close of business February 15, 2019

We seek your input on the proposed path forward as presented in the draft white paper, with particular focus on the proposed methodology and project scope presented. Please be advised that next stages of the EPM initiative, by way of public workshops, will address questions as to what should be monitored. Now is the time to comment on the proposed pathway forward. Please email your comments on the white paper to Loretta Moreno at Loretta.Moreno@resources.ca.gov.

Based upon public comments received on the draft Ecological Performance Measures White Paper delivered in December 2018, the White Paper was updated.