To assist public agencies’ compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act's (CEQA) requirements, CEQA requires the Secretary for the Natural Resources Agency, in consultation with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), to periodically adopt, amend and repeal the CEQA Guidelines.  The CEQA Guidelines elaborate on the requirements found in the Public Resources Code and court cases interpreting CEQA.  The Natural Resources Agency most recently updated the CEQA Guidelines in December 2018.  The entirety of the CEQA Guidelines are found in Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations, beginning at section 15000, and are available online from Thomson Reuters Westlaw – California Code of Regulations.  The rulemaking files of past updates are available upon request.

Contact The Legal Department 

Please note, the Resources Agency does not enforce CEQA, nor does it review for compliance with CEQA the many state and local agency actions which are subject to CEQA. Resources Agency legal staff cannot provide advice to private citizens or other public agencies regarding CEQA compliance or implementation.

Christopher Calfee, Deputy Secretary and General Counsel

Heather Baugh, Assistant General Counsel

Heather Leslie, Assistant General Counsel

To contact the Natural Resources Agency please email or call (916) 653-5481.

Service of Process

In lieu of personal service, the Natural Resources Agency commits to accepting service via a notice of acknowledgment and receipt (CCP section 415.30) for the duration of the state of emergency if the notice and the papers being served are emailed to the following agency email address:  

Contact State Clearinghouse In The Governor’s Office Of Planning And Research

The State Clearinghouse in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research may be able to answer non-legal technical CEQA questions. You can reach the Clearinghouse via e-mail at, or by telephone at 916-445-0613.