Cutting The Green Tape

Helping environmentally beneficial work happen more quickly, simply, and cost-effectively

The California Natural Resources Agency has identified Cutting Green Tape as a signature initiative to increase the pace and scale of ecological restoration and stewardship.  

Cutting Green Tape is focused on improving interagency coordination, partnerships and agency processes and policies to allow ecological restoration and stewardship to occur more quickly, simply, and cost-effectively. 

Though anchored in the Natural Resources Agency, Cutting Green Tape is an interagency effort with support from Secretary for Environmental Protection Jared Blumenfeld, Secretary for Food and Agriculture Karen Ross and State Water Resources Control Board Chair Joaquin Esquivel.  

On November 30, 2020 the California Landscape Stewardship Network released Cutting Green Tape: Regulatory Efficiencies for a Resilient Environment which provides an important set of recommendations for improving regulatory processes for projects that benefit the environment.