2021 State Adaptation Strategy Update

The Newsom Administration is updating California's State Adaptation Strategy (Strategy) this year. Our goal is to deliver a 2021 Strategy that outlines the state's key climate resilience priorities, includes specific and measurable steps, and serves as a framework for action across sectors and regions in California. 

New - Help us map the next statewide roadmap to a climate-resilient California for all!

Extreme heat is a climate impact that will affect all areas of California. As a part of the 2021 update to the Strategy, California is developing an extreme heat framework that will map out a long-term strategy for addressing the broad impacts of rising average temperatures on human health and wellbeing, infrastructure, and natural systems.

Save the date! 
The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and the California Natural Resources Agency will be hosting two upcoming Extreme Heat Workshops on July 27th and August 19th from 4-6 PM. At these workshops, the state will be asking for your input and expertise to ensure California takes the actions necessary towards mitigating and building resilience to the impacts of extreme heat events across built, natural, and social systems. These workshops are part of a series of extreme heat workshops that kicked off in March of 2021 with scoping a state framework and community greening. Check out this presentation for more information. For questions on this effort, please email the state’s coordination team (California Natural Resources Agency and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research) at icarp@opr.ca.gov.

July 27, 4 - 6pm - Extreme Heat Workshop Series: Public awareness, early warning, emergency response, and community services – Register here!

In June, we held 10 regional virtual workshops throughout the state to ensure the state’s Strategy reflects and reinforces regional priorities; draws connections among our collective efforts; and serves as a useful resource for all Californians. Workshops summaries and input will be posted here!

Recording of Virtual Kick-off Webinar

This introductory webinar, held on May 26th, provided key background information on the Administration’s proposed approach, timeline, and priorities for the 2021 Strategy, and information on the subsequent regional public workshops.

Thanks for sharing your insights on questions in our February survey! We have analyzed the responses and are incorporating them into our approach to the 2021 Strategy. Check this presentation out for more information!