Announcement of DWR's Filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of a Final Application for New License for Devil Canyon Project Relicensing, FERC Project No. 14797


On November 20, 2019, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) a Final Application for a New License Major Project – Existing Dam (FLA) for the Devil Canyon Project Relicensing, FERC Project No. 14797 (Project). The initial FERC license for the Project expires on January 31, 2022.

The Devil Canyon Project FLA describes existing Project facilities, Project operation, estimated costs related to continued operations, general information, and the changes DWR proposes to the existing Project under the new license. In addition, the FLA describes environmental and recreational resources in the vicinity of the Project; an assessment of potential environmental effects associated with continued operation and maintenance of the Project as proposed by DWR in the FLA; and DWR’s proposed resource management measures to protect and enhance environmental and recreation resources, and mitigate any Project impacts.

The FLA is available in electronic format on FERC’s eLibrary, and on DWR’s Devil Canyon Project relicensing website at and a copy of the FLA is available for inspection and reproduction during regular business hours at two locations: the Howard M. Rowe Branch Library located at 108 E. Marshall Boulevard, San Bernardino, CA 92404; and DWR’s office located at 2033 Howe Avenue, Suite 220, Sacramento, CA 95825.

Copies of the FLA also may be obtained upon request, after reasonable reimbursement for postage and reproduction, by calling DWR at (916) 557-4556.

If any resource agency, Indian tribe, or person believes that an additional scientific study should be conducted in order to form an adequate factual basis for a complete analysis of the application on its merits, the resource agency, Indian tribe, or person must file a request for the study with FERC not later than 60 days after the application is filed and serve a copy of the request on DWR.The due date for additional study requests is Monday, January 20, 2020.

Upon acceptance of the FLA for filing, FERC will publish notices soliciting additional public comment.

Questions regarding this notice should be addressed to Gwen Knittweis, DWR’s Chief, Hydropower License Planning and Compliance Office, Executive Division, at (916) 557-4554.