Lake Oroville Spillways Construction Updates Oct. 18


Construction at Lake Oroville
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SACRAMENTO – Today the Department of Water Resources (DWR) provided an update on construction work on the Lake Oroville Spillways Emergency Recovery Project.

Construction on the Main Spillway

  • DWR remains focused on meeting the primary objective of the Lake Oroville Spillways Emergency Recovery Project to repair and reconstruct the 3,000-foot gated flood control spillway, also known as the main spillway, to handle flows of 100,000 cubic-feet per second by Nov. 1. 
  • There are 14 days left on the construction timeline to reconstruct 2,270 feet of main spillway this year:
  1. Placement of reinforced, structural concrete in the upper and lower chutes is 90 percent complete. By Nov. 1 structural concrete will be placed on 870 feet of the upper chute of the spillway and 350 on the lower chute of the spillway.
  2. Crews have also installed 2,877 slab anchors to date in the upper and lower chutes – 100 percent of what is required for 2017.
  3. The 1,050-foot middle section of the spillway chute, including filling in the two scour holes, is now 90 percent complete, with approximately 315,000 cubic yards of roller compacted concrete placed. This middle section will be completed to final design with a top layer of structural concrete in 2018.
  4. The 730 feet of main spillway leading to the radial gates will be patched, reinforced and left in place this year. It will be removed and reconstructed with structural concrete in 2018.

Construction at the Emergency Spillway

  • Work at the emergency spillway is also on schedule to complete construction of the secant pile wall, or cut-off wall, in late December 2017 or early January 2018. 
  • Crews have completed 40 percent of the secant pile wall.

Other Updates

  • The independent Board of Consultants will meet for the 13th time with DWR on Oct. 19 and 20. DWR will post the BOC’s memo recapping this meeting to its website when it is received. Last week, DWR posted the BOC’s memo recapping the 12th meeting in September.

To view photos and video of the Lake Oroville Spillways construction, visit DWR’s Oroville Spillway photo gallery and YouTube channel.
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