DWR Updates

Department of Water Resources engineering geologists Aaron Cuthbertson (right) and Kimberly Bowman measure groundwater levels at a designated monitoring well, one of thousands of wells in California used to generate groundwater level change reports.

Groundwater is an important resource for Californians because rain and snowfall levels can vary dramatically from year to year. Groundwater provides 40 percent of the state’s water supply in normal years and up to 60 percent in dry years when surface water in lakes, rivers and reservoirs may be reduced.

A view of Cordelia Pumping Plant, part of State Water Project operated by the Department of Water Resources (DWR).

The Department of Water Resources has released California's first-ever greenhouse gas emissions performance metric to help the Department reduce its carbon footprint and help the public track the ‘carbon intensity’ of water moving across California.

Red-tailed hawk on ledge

While adapting to social distancing guidelines and recommendations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Department of Water Resources (DWR) staff have been continuing reliable water delivery to 27 million people through the State Water Project (SWP).

DWR researchers working on the Tidal Parr Cage Growth Study in the Suisun Marsh.

A DWR study investigating the growth rate of juvenile Chinook salmon raised in the Suisun Marsh area of Solano County was forced to conclude early due to the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency. Despite the change of plans, DWR scientists were still able to gather all pertinent data and are confident the study will provide useful information regardin ...