DWR Updates

Image of DWR Hydroelectric Plant Electrician Stephanie Ruane,

Since the inception of DWR's Operation and Maintenance apprentice program in 1971, 581 apprentices have graduated from the program, which guarantees jobs as journey level electricians, mechanics, operators or utility craftsworkers at DWR facilities throughout the state.

Earthquake map

In the first of two Delta Conveyance Deep Dive episodes on seismic risks in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Laurence Sanati, head of the DWR Flood Systems Analysis Section, speaks about the potential consequences of a major earthquake in or near the Delta and the measures currently in place to deal with such an event.

Sensors at a monitoring station in the Feather River watershed

Every year, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) relies on data from monitoring stations strategically located across California to provide information that will aid the decision-making process regarding the flood control and water supply operations of California’s State Water Project (SWP).