California Water Agencies Propose Constructive Framework to Stabilize Reservoir Elevations in Colorado River System

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Proposal Submitted to Bureau of Reclamation Seeks to Achieve Water Use Reductions While Protecting Critical Infrastructure, Prioritizing Public Health and Safety

Sacramento – California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot issued the following statement today after California water users proposed a modeling framework for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to evaluate as it considers actions to help stabilize reservoir elevations and protect critical infrastructure in the Colorado River system.

“For the last several months, California water users have proactively volunteered to reduce their water use each year through 2026 — the only proposal that has been offered to date. Now, our state’s water users have developed a framework that allows for broader water cuts across the region—including in California—that has been proposed to the Bureau of Reclamation for further modeling. This proposal for water use reduction is timely, practical and achievable in a way that works within existing law. It also protects baseline water needs of communities across the West by prioritizing water supplies for human health and safety. I’m proud that California water users will continue to work with the other basin states to find a true consensus for the urgent actions we all must take to protect communities and our economy across the region.”

Read more about the submission from California water agencies here.