Planning Watershed Pilot Projects

Planning Watershed Pilot Projects – Updated February 2020

Project Draft Report Released for Public Review. The draft report and its appendices can be found here.

In April-May 2018, we held three public webinars to present and discuss our preliminary assessment areas for the Smith Creek watershed, which is a subset of the Campbell Creek Planning watershed.

Webinar recordings and related materials are available below.


May 23, 2017 Meeting of the Pilot Project Working Group The Campbell Creek Pilot Project Working Group met on May 23 in Ft. Bragg. Below are links to the Agenda, Background Documents, and Presentations from the meeting.

Meeting Announcement and Agenda

Background Materials


Developing a Statement of Work As a part of its December 15, 2016, meeting, the Campbell Creek Pilot Project Working Group (PPWG) tasked several members and the Pilot Project Interagency Interdisciplinary Team (PPIIT) to serve as an informal Scope of Work Team and develop a draft Scope of Work (SOW) for the Pilot Project. Following an initial meeting of the Scope of Work Team, the PPIIT has been meeting regularly to develop an initial draft of the SOW, based on the critical questions that were presented in the Pilot Project Concept Paper. This initial draft SOW will come back to the Scope of Work Team for review, and then come to the full PPWG for review and completion.

Campbell Creek Story Maps The Campbell Creek Pilot Project Story Maps, which were demonstrated at the last PPWG meeting, are publicly available, interactive, and introductory tools designed to foster exploration of the Campbell Creek Planning Watershed. The Story Maps represent data used by State departments involved in Timber Harvesting Plan review. Information in the Story Maps serves as a starting point for the Pilot Projects and as a laboratory for the development of an online data collaborative in support of forest management, including restoration.

Following a public call for applicants and nominees and the completion of interviews, we have selected the stakeholder members of the Campbell Creek Planning Watershed Pilot Project Working Group (PPWG). The public stakeholder members are:

Name Organization
Myles Anderson Licensed Timber Operator, Anderson Logging, Inc.
Richard Campbell Forestry Program Manager, Save the Redwoods League
Rob DiPerna California Forest and Wildlife Advocate, Environmental Protection Information Center
Walter Duffy, PhD Fisheries Scientist, formerly USGS (retired)
George Gentry, RPF Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, California Forestry Association
Richard Gienger Watershed Restorationist and Forest Advocate Associated with the Redwood Forest Foundation Inc. Board and Forests Forever
Matt Greene, RPF Matt Greene Forestry and Biological Consulting
Vivian Helliwell Watershed Conservation Director, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations and Institute for Fisheries Resources
Jonathan Hvozda Hydrologist, Lyme Redwood Forest Company
Zach Jones, RPF General Manager, Lyme Redwood Forest Company
Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom, PhD Consulting Fisheries Scientist
Mike Liquori Principal, Sound Watershed
Javier Silva Tribal Environmental Director, Sherwood Valley Rancheria

We are grateful to have such a skilled group of stakeholders step forward to serve on the Campbell Creek PPWG. We also have nine state and federal agency representatives serving on the PPWG. For a complete listing of all PPWG members, click HERE.

Intent The intent of the pilot projects is to increase efficiencies and effectiveness for timber harvest planning processes and forest restoration. The specific substantive areas proposed to be addressed by the pilot projects include data collection and characterization, identification of information and methods used for cumulative environmental impacts assessment, description of current forest conditions, and the identification of restoration opportunities in forested landscapes. These pilot projects will be collaborative, multi-disciplinary efforts that provide substantial opportunity for public participation.

Implementation Guidance The Forest Planning Watershed Pilot Projects Concept Paper Implementation Draft (available here) describes the approaches to be use in conducting planning-watershed-based pilot projects. This version of the concept paper is intended to serve as the implementation guidance for the initial pilot project, located on the Campbell Creek Planning watershed on the Ten Mile River in Mendocino County. This version has been revised following public input, including at our October 14 and December 15, 2015 public workshops and written comments received. A map of the Campbell Creek planning watershed is available here.

Information Archive An information archive of past materials created during the development of the planning watershed pilot projects is available here. It includes recordings of past workshops, papers, and written comments received.