Expanding Nature-Based Solutions

Expanding nature based solutions to achieve California’s climate change and biodiversity goals.

Our Agency is coordinating the first statewide Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy to drive long-term climate action across key California landscapes. This strategy was called for in EO N-82-20 and is intended to accelerate climate smart land management in the coming years and decades to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and building climate resilience.

The Executive Order also established a state goal of conserving at least 30 percent of California’s land and coastal waters by 2030 and directed CNRA to develop, by February 2022, a strategy to achieve 30x30 in a manner that:

  • Safeguards our State’s economic sustainability and food security.
  • Protects and restores biodiversity.
  • Enables enduring conservation measures on a broad range of landscapes, including natural areas and working lands, in partnership with land managers and natural resource user groups.
  • Builds climate resilience, reduces risk from extreme climate events and contributes to the State’s effort to combat climate change.
  • Expands equitable outdoor access and recreation for all Californians.

Many of these solutions support broader economic and environmental priorities in California, such as food security, clean air and water, increased access to nature, improved public health, biodiversity protection, and much more.

The State looks forward to advancing this effort through informed feedback from stakeholders across our vast state. We welcome individuals, local government/agencies, researchers, organizations, members of the private sector and others to join the conversation about expanding nature-based solutions. Learn more about this work and how you can get involved including regional workshops by visiting California Nature.

Please view the below January 2021 webinar to learn more about how California plans to deliver on the nature-based solutions Executive Order!