River Parkways

Program Summary

Projects must meet at least two of the following five statutory conditions:

  • recreation - provide compatible recreational opportunities, including trails for strolling, hiking, bicycling, and equestration uses along rivers and streams.

  • habitat - protect, improve, or restore riverine or riparian habitat, including benefits to wildlife habitat and water quality.

  • flood management - maintain or restore the open space character of lands along rivers and streams so that they are compatible with periodic flooding as part of a flood management plan or project.

  • conversion to river parkways - convert existing developed riverfront land into uses consistent with river parkways.

  • conservation and interpretive enhancement - provide facilities to support or interpret river or stream restoration or other conservation activities.

Who is Eligible to Apply

State agency, city, county, city or county, or pursuant to a joint powers agreement between two or more of these entities. Up to 40 percent of the available funds are for awards to California nonprofit organizations. All nonprofits must be a 501c(3) as verified by the IRS.
Application Cycle Begins
August 15, 2018
Max/Min Award Amounts
No min/max
Funding Source
How much funding is left to award in total?
$7 million
How much $ might be awarded in the next 6 months?