Environmental Enhancement & Mitigation

Program Summary

  1. urban forestry projects designed to offset vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide;
  2. resource lands projects that provide for the acquisition or enhancement of resource lands to mitigate the loss of, or the detriment to, resource lands lying within or near the right-of-way acquired for transportation improvements.
  3. mitigation projects beyond the scope of the lead Agency responsible for assessing the environmental impact of the proposed transportation improvement.

Who is Eligible to Apply

Any state, local, federal, or 501c(3) nonprofit entity. The agency or entity is not required to be a transportation or highway related organization, but must be able to demonstrate adequate charter or enabling authority to carry out the type of project proposed. Two or more entities may participate in a project with one designated as the lead agency.

Application Cycle Begins
2018 grant cycle closed. Next solicitation in April 2019.
Max/Min Award Amounts
Maximum: $1.0 million for acquisitions and generally $500,000 for development projects
Funding Source
Transportation fees
How much funding is left to award in total?
Annual $6.7 million appropriation
How much $ might be awarded in the next 6 months?
$6.7 million

Contact Information