Secretary Speaker Series


The Secretary Speaker Series is an opportunity to bring in outside voices to discuss emerging issues under the natural resources umbrella. This open forum allows Agency staff to learn more about a variety of topics and helps inform our work stewarding California’s resources.

To help expand our reach and audience these events are live-streamed on YouTube and recorded for later viewing. Links to videos will be posted below once ready.

Upcoming Speaker Series Event

Dates and topics are subject to change.


March 4, 12:30 p.m.: Stewarding the Sierra Nevada Amidst Climate Change
Description: Stretching 400 miles, the Sierra Nevada Region makes up one-quarter of California’s land area. It represents California’s largest watershed supplying 60 percent of the state’s water—the lifeblood of California’s economy. The Region is also home to 60 percent of the wildlife diversity in California, stores half of the state’s forest carbon, and attracts 50 million visitors each year.

The Sierra Nevada faces environmental, social, and economic challenges from climate change that impact our entire state. Join Secretary Crowfoot, scientists, business experts, and community leaders to discuss how we can protect the well-being of this region and all Californians who depend on its resources.


April 21, 12:30 p.m.: Leading the Fight Against Climate Change: Youth Environmental Activism

California’s youth are leaders, innovators, and change-makers. In the era of dramatic climate change, the state’s investment in science education for our future environmental stewards is more critical than ever. Environmental education and hands-on science can build the confidence and capacity in young people to be conservation leaders, engaged citizens, scientists, and advocates for their communities.

The state has helped fund programs that empower young people to tackle real-world problems in their communities such as air quality, urban heat islands, seal-level rise, and sustainable agriculture. Many of these programs serve frontline communities and focus on improving performance in school, improving health outcomes, and increasing college and job opportunities for these young leaders.

This event will feature youth leaders engaged in these programs who will speak about their experiences as citizen scientists, how environmental education has impacted them, and how they are driving change around them.


June 23, 12:30 p.m.: A Path for Protecting the Future of Hunting, Fishing and Conservation in California


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November 18, 2019: Protecting California Communities in the Age of Mega-Fires

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