Video: DWR Director Gianelli’s Legacy to the State Water Project


DWR Director William Gianelli

Image of William Gianelli in December 1966 as he prepares to become the Department's third director. Gianelli was appointed on Jan. 2, 1967 by then-Governor Ronald Reagan. DWR/1966

Known as an engineering expert, water community leader, and champion of the State Water Project (SWP), former DWR Director William Gianelli served as DWRs third director from 1967 to 1973 and dedicated more than 30 years to public service in both the state and federal government. 

Under his leadership, DWR completed construction of the initial SWP facilities from the Upper Feather River Lakes in Plumas County to Lake Perris in Riverside County.

To learn more about Gianelli’s role in the SWP, watch the video below: