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Proposition 68 funds the FMPRA Grant Program

The Floodplain Management, Protection and Risk Awareness (FMPRA) Grant Program supports local agency efforts to prepare for flooding by providing financial assistance for flood risk reduction activities related to stormwater flooding, mudslides, and flash floods. The Program supports both the Public Safety Initiative announced by Governor Brown's Administration in February 2017 and the Headwaters to Floodplains (H2F) Flood Safety Partnership Program.

The program was established in 2019 by the State Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom through Assembly Bill 74, which also authorized the use of funds from Proposition 68: The California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Fund Act of 2018 of Senate Bill No. 5. $50.4 million is currently available for the program.


Final Funding Awards Announced

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is pleased to announce the final funding awards for the FMPRA Grant Program. DWR is awarding $50.4 million of Proposition 68 funding to the five planning and monitoring and 13 implementation projects shown below.


Planning and Monitoring Projects

 Applicant Project Title Est. Project Cost Recommended Funding
Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Water Resources Element of the Coyote Valley Conservation Areas Master Plan

 $1,470,000  $510,000
Reclamation District 369- Libby McNeil

Multi-Benefit Flood Risk Reduction Planning, Design, and Permitting for Delta Legacy Community of Locke at Delta Meadows State Park 



Orange County Orange County Floodplain Management Plan  $1,300,000  $975,000
Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency

Oroville Wildlife Area Robinson’s Riffle Restoration Project

 $1,431,000  $1,144,800
City of San Diego Auburn Creek Restoration Project  $1,840,000  $1,472,000
 Total      $5,040,000



Implementation Projects

Applicant  Project Title Est. Project Cost Recommended Funding
Three River Levee Improvement Authority Yuba River North Training Wall - Phase 2  $12,129,803  $9,703,842
Town of Moraga Laguna Creek Restoration and Flood Control Project $2,808,533 $399,980

Merced County

Black Rascal Creek Flood Control Project $5,897,100 $5,012,535
Fresno Irrigation District The Big Dry Creek Restoration Project  $3,476,000  $2,465,600
City of Santa Ana Warner Avenue Flood Protection Project  $11,880,000  $1,080,000
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Zone 7 Alamo Creek Bank Stabilization Pilot Project  $5,936,890  $4,606,890
City of Livermore Arroyo Las Positas Restoration Project  $4,672,000  $2,000,000
City of Santa Ana Rousselle Street Flood Protection Project  $5,500,000  $4,675,000
City of El Monte Garvey Avenue Grade Separation Drainage Improvement Project  $12,380,300  $4,015,800
City of Sacramento Florin Creek Study and Pomegranate Localized Flood Control  $1,053,018  $842,414
City of Sacramento Basin 147 Detention Basin  $828,214  $621,161
City of Indian Wells Low Flow Channel Project  $800,000  $600,000
Sacramento River West Side Levee District Grimes Small Community Multi-Benefit Flood Risk Reduction Project  $11,677,200  $9,336,778
Total      $45,360,000

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