Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects

The Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects Program works directly with local agencies to provide critical financial assistance for flood protection in the Delta. This funding protects and enhances the economic, environmental and cultural resources in the Delta. The Program provides funding to safeguard public benefits, including roads, utilities, urbanized areas, water quality, recreation, navigation and fish and wildlife from flood hazards. The Program mitigates the habitat impacts of each project and ensures a net long-term habitat improvement in the Delta.

The Special Projects Program works closely with the Delta Levees Maintenance Subventions Program, as well as the Delta Ecosystem Enhancement Section.

Who can participate in the program?

  • Levee Maintaining Agencies (LMAs)
  • Reclamation Districts (RDs)
  • Other government agencies responsible for levees in the Delta

Contact Information

For additional information, contact:

Babak (Bobby) Jafarnejad, Acting Manager

Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects Program

Phone: (916) 902-6727


Andrea Lobato, Section Manager

Delta Levees Program 

Phone: (916) 480-5367