Collaborative Partnering Program

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) intends to utilize collaborative partnering principles on every project it performs. Collaborative partnering principles include:

  • Timely and regular communication with all parties
  • Shared trust, commitment, and teamwork
  • Support of mutual project goals
  • Accepted risk management concepts

Partnering is an important part of DWR’s commitment to working with its construction contractors on all projects to achieve common goals and objectives. DWR’s 2018 Strategic Business Plan includes several goals and values focused on partnering, including the utilization of strategic partnerships and clear statements that DWR values its partnerships with private entities and stakeholders.

As a necessary and critical step towards achievement of these goals, DWR has implemented the Collaborative Partnering Program (CPP). The DWR Collaborative Partnering Program Field Guide for Construction Projects is intended to serve as a reference tool for CPP participants, which includes DWR and its construction industry partners.

International Partnering Institute Award for Project of the Year   International Partnering Institute Award for Project of the Year 2022

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