Project Selections from Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects Program 2023 Project Solicitation Package for Multi Benefit Projects


The Projects Solicitation Package for Multi-Benefit Projects (PSP) was released on February 3, 2023, under the 2014 Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects Guidelines for Providing Funding to Local Public Agencies.  This PSP focused on multi-benefit projects that integrate levee improvement, habitat enhancement, and export water supply reliability.
The Department received 17 eligible Concept Proposals in response to the PSP.  Based on our review and evaluation of the 17 eligible Concept Proposals, Full Applications were solicited for 6 of the proposed projects.
We have completed our review and evaluation of the Full Applications, and are pleased to announce the following five selected projects for Phase 1 funding under this PSP:


Reclamation District Number Reclamation District Name Project Title Total Recommend State Cost Share % Total Recommended Phase 1 State Cost Share %
 1601 Twitchell Island Reclamation District No. 1601 – Twitchell Island
San Joaquin River Setback Levee – Reach 6
 95% $15,000,000*
 799  Hotchkiss Tract  Hotchkiss Tract Perimeter Levee Improvement Project  87%  $515,000
 756  Bouldin Island  Reclamation District No. 756 (Bouldin Island) 2023 Multibenefit Project  90%  $900,000
 38  Staten Island Mokelumne River Confluence Multi-Benefit Project on Staten Island  89%  $1,350,000
 341  Sherman Island  San Joaquin River Multi-Benefit Project on Sherman Island  89%  $800,000

* The amount reflects Phase 2 because Twitchell Island is shovel ready and will forgo a Phase 1 Agreement.

If your project is not listed above, your Proposal was not chosen to move forward at this time.  If your Proposal is one of the five listed, you will be contacted and given additional information.  

For additional questions, please contact Andrea Lobato at