DWR’s Water Desalination Grant Program Begins Accepting Applications


The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has re-opened the Continuous Application Process (CAP) for the Water Desalination Grant Program and is now accepting applications.

A total of $600,000 of Proposition 50 funds are currently available for:

  • Construction projects that generally consist of the design and construction of a full-scale permanent desalination facility and related infrastructure to result in an operable municipal water supply project. A construction project can include funding for design, but design will not be funded as a stand-alone project.
  • Design pilot projects that are a small-scale prototype for a full-scale project or a full-scale component of a project and is intended to refine design criteria, aid site selection, or study particular technologies or methodologies (conventional or innovative) for the purpose of implementing an already proposed full-scale municipal desalination facility.

Applications must be submitted through DWR’s online Grants Review and Tracking System, GRanTS. An applicant must register to establish an account in GRanTS. Detailed procedures are described in the Round 4 Proposal Solicitation Package.

Applications will be reviewed, and qualified projects will be awarded on a first ready, first awarded basis. Grants awarded from these funds will be referred to as CAP4. This continuous application process will continue until the available funds are committed.   

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Sou at 916-651-9269 or sean.sou@water.ca.gov