Notice of Supplemental Initial Study/Migrated Declaration (IS/MND) for work at Bethany Reservoir


DWR has submitted supplemental Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) for work at Bethany Reservoir in Alameda County.


DWR is proposing to perform additional maintenance activities at Bethany Reservoir’s earthen dams. The proposed project changes include actions to ensure the continued safe operation of the Bethany Reservoir, part of the State Water Project (SWP). These actions include: drainage ditch improvements to control vegetation, improve flow of water away from the dam faces, and for seepage monitoring; and repair damage caused by rodent burrow holes on the Bethany Dams, and prevent future burrow damage. DWR’s Division of Engineering and Division of Operations and Maintenance Dam Safety Branch has recommended these improvements in order to facilitate monitoring and prevent potential damage or failure of the dams.


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