Oroville CNA Ad Hoc Group Meeting 4 -- April 2019

A community-led group of local elected officials and stakeholder organizations – known as the Ad Hoc Group – as part of the recently initiated Oroville Dam Safety Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) will hold a meeting on April 4, 2019.

The Ad Hoc Group consists of 12 community members appointed by State Senator Jim Nielsen and Assembly Member James Gallagher to provide community perspectives to both DWR and an Independent Review Board (IRB) of dam safety experts throughout the assessment process. The CNA will identify ways to improve and enhance the long-term integrity of the Oroville Dam complex to ensure public safety for downstream communities.

View materials for the April 2019 update:


Note: The CNA meeting originally scheduled for April 4, 2019 was canceled. The committee will reconvene in August. Materials for the April meeting are provided above.