California Water Institute for Teachers Solano

The Solano Institute provides a comprehensive, multi-day teacher training for Solano County K-12 teachers. Participants take part in three days of workshops focused on Solano County water resources and open spaces, plus a fourth day for presentations. The training will highlight preservation of the county's open spaces, introduce the region’s complex water resources, and provide first-hand experiential learning that teachers can then share with their students, inspiring them to explore further on their own.

These place-based learning experiences will provide teachers with the tools to support their students in learning about local watersheds, and to support development of environmental literacy about the places where students live and recreate. Professional development curriculum for the Solano Institute will include the nationally acclaimed Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) Training. Project WET provides innovative, locally relevant water education training for K-12 teachers and emphasizes the use of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and California’s Environmental Education Principles and Concepts.

The Institute is developed in partnership with the Solano County Orderly Growth Committee, CA Department of Water Resources, and the Solano County School Water Education Program. The training will be led by Solano Resource Conservation District and the Water Education Foundation.

For registration to be completed, we will send you an email requesting a refundable $50 deposit that will be returned upon completion of the training.

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