CWC Central California Public Workshop

The California Water Commission is conducting a series of public workshops as part of its efforts to assess a potential state role in financing conveyance projects that could help meet needs in a changing climate.

The Commission’s goal with these workshops is to learn from diverse voices across the state. Participants from the region are encouraged to share their perspective on conveyance infrastructure needs and priorities, effective partnerships, public benefits of conveyance, possible criteria to assess resilience, efforts in preparing for changing hydrology, and effective financing mechanisms. The workshops are not associated with the pending proposal to improve conveyance through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The fourth workshop will focus on Central California, and will be co-hosted* by the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority.

“The importance of water conveyance to Central California’s future cannot be overstated. Prior state and federal investments in the Delta-Mendota Canal, California Aqueduct, Friant-Kern Canal and other key regional conveyance projects have provided a foundation for Central California’s economy and ecosystems,” said Federico Barajas, Executive Director of the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority. “We urge our members, partners, regional and local government, labor, agriculture, conservation and historically underrepresented communities to join this discussion regarding the state role in Central California’s water conveyance.”

The workshops will be conducted via the web-based videoconferencing service Zoom. More detailed instructions on how to use Zoom and participate in the meeting can be found on the Commission website. If you require translation of any materials or interpretation during the workshop, please call (916) 834-3177 or email