AB 1755 Online Public Meeting and Reception - Launch of California Water Data Consortium

Co-hosted by the Consortium Board of Directors and the State AB 1755 Partner Agency Team


Update - 8/14/2020: View full-length recording available on YouTube, specific segments linked in agenda below. Informal transcript summary notes and slides from the meeting are available on request.

Friday, June 26, 2020
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Via Zoom

Please gather virtually with the AB 1755 Partner Agency Team and the new California Water Data Consortium for a public meeting and reception. Participants will:
  • Learn about the work of the public-private Consortium and State agency partners to further advance open and transparent water data in California;
  • Hear from the Consortium’s recently appointed CEO, Tara Moran;
  • Share recommendations for the Consortium’s first year of work; and
  • Discover ways to bring energy and expertise into the Consortium!

After introductions and status updates, participants will be invited to join virtual breakout groups to brainstorm around key questions to further the work of open water data. 


Agenda review, instructions and welcome - recording link on YouTube
Kamyar Guivetchi, Planning Division Manager, California Department of Water Resources, and Mike Myatt, Board of Directors Chair, California Water Data Consortium

2:15 - recording link on YouTube
Messages from Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) and Wade Crowfoot, Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency; and E. Joaquin Esquivel, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board; and update on State and Consortium accomplishments

Introductions - recording link on YouTube

  • State Partner Agency Team
  • Consortium CEO Tara Moran
  • Consortium Board of Directors

Framing the year ahead - recording link on YouTube

  • Overview
  • Stakeholder initial insights
  • Thank you to contributors

Reception breakout conversations (not recorded)

Shared highlights from breakout conversations - recording link on YouTube

Closing remarks - recording link on YouTube


Hosted by the California Water Data Consortium Board of Directors and the AB 1755 Partner Agency Team: CA Department of Water Resources, State Water Resources Control Board, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, CA Water Quality Monitoring Council, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, CA Natural Resources Agency, Government Operations Agency, and the Delta Stewardship Council.


The Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755, Dodd) called for the State to make water data available to the public via an integrated platform. To achieve the AB 1755 vision, involved state agencies, convening through the Partner Agency Team, recognized the importance of broad collaboration inside and outside of government. To help realize this goal, they supported the creation of an organization external to the State to complement and inform State AB 1755 implementation. The California Water Data Consortium is seen as a vehicle for accomplishing this objective.
More background on the Consortium and its work with the Partner Agency Team is available in the recommendations document on governance structure by an ad hoc Water Data Advisory Council.