2020 UWMP Training Webinar - Demonstrating Reduced Delta Reliance - Appendix C

Starting in December, DWR will host a set of special topic training webinars. The training webinars will be recorded and posted to the DWR YouTube page for public access. During the training webinars, we will review planning tools, provide examples, and address participant questions. UWMPs are prepared by urban water suppliers every five years, and the next plan is due July 1, 2021. For more information on UWMPs, refer to DWR’s UWMP webpage.


Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. – Demonstrating Reduced Delta Reliance (Appendix C).


Register here: https://csus.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Vltw-Xa9Q-OdQS_yC5E8Nw



Workshop Objectives:

Review and address questions regarding the recommended approach for including reduced Delta reliance accounting and implementation reporting in the UWMP.


Meeting Agenda:

10:00     Welcome and Training Workshop Overview 
                Sophie Carrillo-Mandel, Associate Facilitator 
                CSUS – Consensus and Collaboration Program

                Julia Ekstrom, Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor
                DWR - Water Use Efficiency Branch 

10:05     An Overview of the Delta Plan
                Katherine Marquez, Program Manage
                Department of Water Resources

10:15     2020 UWMP Guidebook Technical Approach - Reduced Reliance Accounting
                Jennifer Nevills, Principal Resource Specialist
                Metropolitan Water District

  • 2015 UWMP reporting
  • Setting a baseline
  • Calculation of water use efficiency
  • Calculation of regional self-reliance
  • Calculation of reliance on Delta supplies
  • Data considerations and documentation
  • Q&A Discussion

11:55     Wrap Up and Upcoming Training
Julia Ekstrom

12:00     Adjourn


All training webinars are recorded and will be posted in the week following the training to the DWR YouTube page for public access.

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