Flood-MAR Ag Community Listening Session

DWR hosted a listening session in Merced in mid-January with members from the agricultural and rural communities to raise awareness about projects that use floodwaters for groundwater recharge (i.e., Flood-MAR). Feedback from the listening session will help inform DWR’s Flood-MAR program and the list of research, data, and tools that are currently being compiled by Flood-MAR Research Advisory Committee. 

During the listening session, participants:

+Learned about Flood-MAR.

+Heard from local farmers about their experience in implementing recharge projects, including:

  • Terranova Ranch near Fresno
  • Blom Farms in Modesto

+Heard from State representatives of:

  • CA Department of Water Resources
  • CA State Board of Food & Agriculture

  • CA State Water Resources Control Board

+Heard from Merced Irrigation District about available tools

+Connected with agricultural and rural community members to share and learn about opportunities for recharge project implementation

+Weighed in on Flood-MAR project implementation concerns, including:

    • Barriers and challenges
    • Research, data, tools, and information needs

    • Incentives

    Participants were also encouraged to respond to a survey about landowner experiences with planned or unplanned flooding of their lands. The survey will remain open at:


    If you missed the January 14th listening session, you can access the agenda, PowerPoint presentation, and a summary of the meeting here.

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