Drought Preparedness Workshop Bakersfield

This workshop is presented by the DWR and CRWA

This no-cost workshop is targeted to small communities and rural, disadvantaged systems. It is beneficial for Water Operators and System Managers of Private, Public and Tribal Systems. It will cover the following topics:


Drought Background, Preparedness, and Response

 Overview of California hydro-climatology, including the hydrology of the state’s most significant historical droughts

 The paleoclimate record of drought in California, and understanding drought risk

 Review of lessons learned in past droughts, as well as expected drought impacts & basic concepts of drought vulnerability & drought resilience

 Techniques for reducing drought vulnerability


 Overview of the basic concepts of groundwater hydrology, including factors controlling groundwater flow & fractured bedrock settings

 Overview on water wells, including typical well yields, requirements for well completion report and water level monitoring

 Summary of state legislative requirements for groundwater level monitoring and sustainable groundwater management

Water Conservation

 Review elements of water conservation and water shortage contingency planning

 Discussion of opportunities for water use reduction, including improving landscape water use efficiency

 Summary of conservation financial assistance programs


TO REGISTER: Please contact Ruby Viramontes at rviramontes@calruralwater.org

Kern County Water Agency 3200 Rio Mirada Drive, Bakersfield, CA, 93308