DWR Updates

Groundwater recharge in the Dunnigan area of Yolo County

DWR is committed to expediting groundwater recharge; like this project in Dunnigan, Yolo County, which is providing multiple benefits, including capturing excess water from recent storms, recharging the groundwater basin and providing habitat for migrating birds.

Due to recent storms, a drone view shows Fremont Weir along the Sacramento River overtopping in Knights Landing, California. Photo taken January 9, 2023.

Much of California enjoyed a brief break from the succession of atmospheric river storms that have drenched and pummeled the state for the past two weeks. With six storms behind us and three more lined up between now and January 19, many people are asking whether and when the decision will be made to open the Sacramento Weir.

Drone images of the Lakeside Access Road in Oroville on Dec. 21, 2022

Rising reservoir levels at Lake Oroville will require the closure of the newly constructed Lakeside Access Road and it will not reopen until water levels drop back down later this year.