Delta Conveyance Project Public Engagement Outlook for 2022


Aerial view of the the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Aerial view of farmland and waterways in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The upcoming year will mark an important milestone in the proposed Delta Conveyance Project planning process, with the anticipated release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for public review and comment in mid-2022. What follows are the public outreach and engagement activities planned for 2022 that are intended to improve public access to information and participation in the public review process, which are detailed in this public outreach and engagement plan for the next year.


The objectives of the plan are to:

  1. Provide tools for the public to meaningfully navigate and participate in the environmental review process. Help the public better engage in the process and better understand the technical information and how to participate ahead of and after the release of the Draft EIR.
  2. Continue advancement of required planning and regulatory processes, working toward eventual project decision in coordination with the appropriate agencies, key stakeholders and the general public.
  3. Continue development of the Community Benefits Program that, if the project is approved, would provide local benefits beyond the scope of what is required by the various planning processes, including environmental mitigation, in close coordination with the community.

This article outlines planned Delta Conveyance Project public information, outreach, engagement and participation activities over the next year.


Public Information: The Department of Water Resources (DWR) will provide regular updates and informational resources in a variety of formats to make the project and environmental review document accessible, transparent and understandable. This will include videos, fact sheets, presentations, FAQs and web updates among other tools.

Public Outreach: DWR will reach out to Delta and statewide organizations to raise awareness about the upcoming Draft EIR and to encourage participation. Staff will be available for presentations, briefings or other means as requested to best reach these organizations, members or constituencies.

Public Participation/Notification: In an effort to facilitate public participation, DWR will provide several opportunities and methods to access the Draft EIR and respond through the formal public review and comment process. These efforts also include broad notification on the availability of the Draft EIR and how to comment, and publication of associated informational materials to assist in review of the document.

Tribal Consultation and Outreach: DWR will continue to conduct formal Tribal consultation as prescribed under the California Environmental Quality Act’s AB 52 requirements and DWR’s Tribal Engagement Policy, as well as informal outreach and discussions through other venues, as requested by Tribes. DWR will also assist the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with Tribal outreach associated with the federal Section 106 process, as appropriate. Additionally, DWR will work to ensure Tribal input is reflected in all facets of project planning through appropriate engagement opportunities, including annual update meetings. 

Environmental Justice and Disadvantaged Community Outreach: Outreach and engagement specific to the needs of disadvantaged and Environmental Justice communities will seek to further raise awareness and expand participation.  Outreach and engagement with Environmental Justice communities will utilize and incorporate lessons learned from previous outreach efforts while continuing to evolve based on community input to reach additional groups and individuals.

Community Benefits Program: DWR will continue development of the Community Benefits Program, drawing on information gathered during the previous year and pivoting to focus on the process to identify and outline a program implementation approach.

Agency Coordination: DWR will work with the various state and federal agencies who serve in a regulatory or advisory capacity over the proposed Delta Conveyance Project to ensure each agency’s specific regulatory requirements are met through a collaborative approach.

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