Small businesses, veterans help DWR serve millions of Californians


Tim Devine, retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force

Timothy Devine, president and owner of Aviate Enterprises Inc., is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Air Force. Aviate/2017

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is looking to small businesses and veterans to help serve millions of Californians and it’s having a big impact on local communities.

DWR’s Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program works directly with the business community to ensure small businesses, like Aviate Enterprises in Sacramento, can contribute to job growth and prosperity for all Californians.

Tim Devine, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, established Aviate Enterprises in 2014 to specialize in delivery of high-quality equipment, supplies, material resources, and services. Devine set up shop at McClellan Business Park in Sacramento, a former air base. He committed to build his company’s future around three guiding philosophies: customers come first, always provide value, and always serve with a smile.

“The SB/DVBE Program has impacted people’s lives and families – small business is the backbone of America, and I came full circle starting my Air Force career at McClellan and today here I am back at McClellan working for myself,” said Devine.

SBs and DVBEs such as Aviate Enterprises are an integral part of the California business community, but sometimes competing for state contracts can be challenging. That’s why each year DWR prioritizes SB and DVBE business goals that enable the state’s certified SBs and DVBEs to gain at least 25 percent (SB) and 3 percent (DVBE) shares of the state’s total procurement dollars. For each contract awarded, businesses can use those funds to hire more people in their communities, provide more services or products across California, and give back to the state through taxes.

“As I started growing my business I could create jobs, and I began hiring more employees and some are veterans. I now employ a Marine, someone from the Navy and someone from the Army. I hire veterans, mentor and coach them, and because of my business, I can help them be successful, too,” Devine said.

Empowering SBs and DVBEs is a part of DWR’s procurement mission. DWR offers a variety of direct services to help them reach new heights. In-house SB & DVBE Program services include reviewing bid documents, explaining essential program requirements, and suggesting improvements to content in SB/DVBE certification profiles. In 2017 alone, DWR allocated over $83 million in SB and micro-business spending and more than $17 million in DVBE spending.

Through these contracting opportunities, DWR can directly support SBs and DVBEs. In turn, those businesses help preserve the character and uniqueness of communities across the state. DWR’s commitments to honoring the service of veterans, doing efficient business, and optimizing state spending are stronger than ever. View our website to learn more about DWR’s SB and DVBE Program.



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