DWR Requests Comments on Flood-MAR Research and Data Development Framework


A man monitors and controls water levels on his farm in Hanford.

A man uses a tablet computer to monitor and control water levels on his Hanford, California farm. DWR/2012

DWR requests review and comment from interested parties for the draft Flood-MAR Research and Data Development Framework (R&D Framework). The comment period is open until Thursday, Sept. 20.

The purpose of the R&D Framework is to identify and categorize Flood-MAR relevant research themes, and coordinate ongoing and future research and pilot studies around a common research plan.

The R&D Framework identifies gaps in data, information, and knowledge, and outlines methods for developing, reviewing, and distributing information among stakeholders. The R&D Framework also helps inform the development of Flood-MAR reconnaissance studies.

The intended outcomes of the R&D Framework are:

  • Develop a body of knowledge and an active inventory of technical research needs for the Flood-MAR resource strategy.

  • Inventory, develop, and coordinate technical expertise related to research needs.

  • Matrix technical expertise among participating groups and stakeholders to develop and communicate within the Flood-MAR interest communities a clear, concise, and consistent message.

  • Ensure availability of research and technical expertise for all stakeholders.

  • Promote long-term and continued research and development.

  • Provide guidance to stakeholders to support implementation of the Flood-MAR projects.

Please submit your comments to Romain Maendly at Romain.Maendly@water.ca.gov.


Romain Maendly, Senior Engineer

(916) 651-9274 | Romain.Maendly@water.ca.gov



Jenny Marr, Supervising Engineer

(916) 651-9229 | Jennifer.Marr@water.ca.gov