New Year, New Look, Same Commitment


The Sacramento and Feather Rivers

Confluence of the Feather and Sacramento Rivers. DWR/2005.

New Year, New Look, Same Commitment
by Karla Nemeth, Director

Today, DWR debuts a new digital look. Our website redesign is but one of many changes that the department is and has been undergoing – from Oroville to new directors, reorganization, California WaterFix, and more. In order to meet the evolving challenges we face managing California’s precious water resources, change is essential.

With this digital redesign, we renew our commitment to open and transparent communication. Our new website aims to tell the big-picture story of our work: how our engineering and construction work depends upon our climate change mitigation and adaption efforts, habitat restoration projects, scientific modeling and analysis, water conservation, and water supply resiliency strategies.

Our mission is to manage and protect California’s water resources while protecting, restoring and enhancing natural and human environments. To that end, we are committed to:

  • Repairing and rebuilding the spillways at Oroville Dam as we seek to mend and improve the necessary lasting partnerships with surrounding and downstream communities.

  • Evolving our dam safety program to heed constructive advice both internally and externally.

  • Modernizing the heart of the State Water Project in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta for both the good of its ecosystem and water supply reliability.

  • Working with local entities to implement sustainable management of groundwater basins under the landmark 2014 legislation so the state is better able to cope, especially during dry years.

  • Helping all Californians truly make conservation a permanent way of life.

  • Advancing a path forward for the Delta watershed so that our water reliability is secure and our riparian environments are improved and protected.

  • Furthering our efforts to protect California from flood, and integrate this charge with environmental restoration and local objectives.

  • Preparing for California’s extreme variability by improving our ability to forecast atmospheric rivers and balancing all uses and sources of water, especially under a changing climate.

Enjoy the new website. We hope you learn something new about our precious water resources, and the many competing challenges involved in managing them responsibly and sustainably for the common good. It is incumbent upon all of us to be part of the solution for a sustainable tomorrow.  

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