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The purpose of the Joint Task Force on California Watershed Management is to assist in the planning and execution of the State's Watershed Management plan. The first step in this plan is to prepare for the legislature a report on the current status of watershed management in California. This report is due to the legislature on February 1, 2002.
arrowFinal Report of the Task Force - Addressing the Need to Protect California's Watersheds: Working in Partnerships (2.9 MB)
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arrowCalifornia Biodiversity Council Watershed Workgroup Organizational Chart
arrowCBC Watershed Management Principles
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arrow12 Steps to Watershed Recovery
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 Wayne Bill 2000 (AB 2117)
 Full Text of AB2117
 Selected Watershed Projects
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 Criteria For Selecting Watersheds
 Strategic Questions
 Literature Review
 Lessons Learned
 Summary of Previous Studies

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