California River Parkways Grant Program


Awards for River Parkways projects in the approximate amount of $7.0 million will be funded by Proposition 68 for purposes of the California River Parkways Act of 2004. The California Natural Resources Agency (Agency) has contacted all applicants on the status of their concept. Final awards will be announced in Spring 2019. Please direct questions to (916) 653-2812 OR

Resources and Tools

Application Guidelines (also available in MS Word)

Application Workshop Slides

i-Tree Planting Tool

Community FactFinder Tool

DWR Disadvantaged Communities Mapping Tool

Forms and Templates

Signature Page

Resolution Template

Cost Estimate Template

Land Acquisition Form

Property Data Sheet

Willing Seller Letter Template

Project Permit/Approval Status


Quick Links

Grant Program Updates and Solicitations

System for Online Application Review (SOAR)

References for Grantees


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Primary Phone Number
  • (916) 653-2812
  • Polly Escovedo
Program Managers Grant Administrators