California Cultural and Historical Endowment Board

The Endowment operates under the direction of a Board made up of the following:

Ex Officio Members

Board Chair:
The Secretary of the Resources Agency, John Laird
(Represented by Assistant Deputy Secretary for Bonds & Grants, Julie Alvis)
The Director of the Department of Finance, Michael Cohen
(Represented by Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez and Karen Finn)
State Librarian of California, Greg Lucas

Gubernatorial Appointees

Dr. Ennette Morton, of Long Beach
Mr. James Swinden, of Laguna Beach
Catherine Gudis, of Los Angeles

Senate Appointees

Ms. Carmen Martinez, of Oakland
Delbra Richardson-Price, of Inglewood

Assembly Appointees

Ms. Georgette Imura, of Sacramento
Mr. Jon F. Vein, of Los Angeles

Legislative Representatives

In addition to the ten Board Members, two members of the Senate and two members of the Assembly meet with the Endowment and participate in the activities of the Board, but do not vote.

Senator Kevin de Leon currently represents the Senate, with the other seat being vacant.

Assemblymember Evan Low and Assemblymember Ian Calderon currently represent the Assembly.