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Statewide Wetlands Inventory Initiative
California Coastal Conservancy
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Current Events, Press Releases, Articles, & Workshops

* SWANNC Decision: Clean Water Act Definition of "Waters of the U.S."
* Are Vernal Pools Protected? Overview and Implications of SWANCC
* Borden Ranch Decision
* New Wetlands Mitigation Action Plan
* California and the World Ocean '02 Conference
* CALFED Science Conference 2003
* U.S. Army Corps of Engineers clarifies inaccuracies in wetlands permit reporting
* Changes to the Nationwide Permit Program

New Publications

* San Francisco Estuary Institute's Wetland Science Program Pages
* Protecting Local Wetlands Handbook
* San Francisco Estuary Baylands Ecosystem Goals
* Vernal Pools: Their History & Status in California's Central Valley

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