California Wetlands Information System

About the Inventory

Elements of State Wetlands Conservation Policy called for the development of a statewide inventory of wetland resources. In order to facilitate this element of the Governor's plan, CERES is developing, as part of this "Wetlands Homepage," a data base of wetland projects located throughout the State of California.

We are always seeking additional wetland projects to add to our data base. Therefore, we invite you to submit your project to CERES. Submitting your project is easy and can be done on-line by completing the provided form. However, we suggest that you take some time to view previously submitted projects before submitting your own. This may help you in understanding what information we need and what your information will look like on-line.

We also encourage you to submit additional text, photographs, and maps, in either digital or hardcopy form. Please contact CERES to make arrangements to submit these additional materials or to answer any other questions. CERES can be reached by e-mail at webmaster:

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