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Transfer of Full Title

Some landowners choose to sell or donate land to a conservation organization or government resource agency to ensure permanent protection of its natural values. The benefit of conveying the full title of land, often referred to as an "in fee" dedication, depends on several factors. These include the initial value of the land, whether it is sold or donated, and, if sold, whether the price is equal to or less than fair market value. Donation of the entire property will usually entitle the landowner to a larger tax break than donation of a conservation easement. In addition, transferring full title relieves the landowner of property tax and liability burdens.

For more information about selling land to a conservation organization, obtain a copy of the "Options for Wetland Conservation Guide" and contact the agencies listed under the section headed "Long-term orPermanent Protection" (pp. 27-29), and see p. 45 of the Technical Assistance section. In addition, many (but not all) of the land trusts listed in the appendices will consider buying land outright.



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