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Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Programs

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is a state agency working to preserve open space and wildlife habitat within a 450,000-acre mountainous zone including the Santa Monica Mountains and those surrounding the San Fernando, Simi, Conejo, and La Crescenta valleys. The principal strategy used to achieve this goal is acquisition of land or interests in land. Landowners with property in the area who are interested in transferring full title or development rights to the Mountains Conservancy can obtain the same range of tax and direct income benefits described for other easement or acquisition programs. The Mountains Conservancy is authorized to offer up to fair market value for property in which it acquires interests. When the Mountains Conservancy obtains full interest in land, the land is managed for the purposes of providing habitat protection, public access, and education.


The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy zone is specifically described in the Cal-ifornia Public Resources Code, but in general it is composed of the areas described above. Contact the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy at (310) 456-5046.

This page is an exerpt from Options for Wetland Conservation: A Guide for California Landowners, a publication of the California State Coastal Commission. To obtain a copy of the guide or for more information about the Coastal Conservancy contact:

California State Coastal Conservancy
1330 Broadway, Suite 1100
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 286-1015
FAX: (510) 286-0470



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