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Voluntary Landowner Incentive Programs

In this section you will find information on financial, technical, and advisory assistance to landowners. The financial assistance progams, which also offer technical assistance and advice, can be roughly divided into those focused on restoration and management and those focused on long-term or permanent protection. Some include elements of both approaches; these are described under one category with a cross-reference in the other. At the end of the chapter is a list of technical assistance sources available to all wetland landowners. The management-oriented programs typically offer cost-share and technical assistance in exchange for a contribution of money or in-kind services from the landowner and a long-term commitment to maintain funded improvements or agreed-upon management practices. The programs concerned with permanently protecting wetland and associated habitats can involve a wide range of tax benefits and direct payments in exchange for land or binding restrictions on land use.

The following descriptions are intended to alert the reader to the programs' existence, give some indication of what might be expected from each, and provide enough information to help landowners decide whether to find out more.

Management Agreements

* Agricultural Conservation Program
* Water Bank Program
* Wetland Reserve Program
* Partners for Wildlife
* California Waterfowl Habitat Program
* Permanent Wetland Easement Program
* Inland Wetland Conservation Program
* Forest Stewardship Program/Stewardship Incentive Program
* California Forest Improvement Program
* State Coastal Conservancy Resource Enhancement and Agricultural Programs

Long-Term or Permanent Protection

* Conservation Reserve Program
* Wetland Reserve Program
* Acquisition Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
* Wildlife Conservation Board Program
* Inland Wetland Conservation Program
* Permanent Wetland Easement Program
* Debt Restructuring Program
* Williamson Act (Land Conservation Act of 1965)
* State Coastal Conservancy Resource Enhancement and Agriculture Programs
* Tahoe Conservancy Programs
* Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Programs
* San Joaquin River Conservancy Programs
* Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy Programs
* Land Trusts
* Open Space Districts

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