Introduction to Wetland Profiles

What Are They ?

The profiles are distillations of the most recent studies documenting physical and biological characteristics of each wetland area. Presented in tabular form they highlight hydrology, vegetative communities, animal use, species of concern, ownership, onsite and surrounding land use, and the history of enhancement efforts. Sources are referenced next to each entry and annotated citations are provided at the end of each profile. The profiles are not intended to be in-depth, detailed analyses, but rather overall pictures of ecological conditions at each site. The Introduction to the Inventory provides additional information on the project background.

The Sources

The reservoir of information used to develop the wetland profiles encompasses a good deal of variation. Studies were carried out for different reasons at different scopes, at varying levels of detail on various dates. Some provide data describing the hydrology, water quality, and plant and animal species of the entire site while others focus on a particular subhabitat or species; some describe data collected over several years of consistent sampling, others report on a single survey, the only data collected in the last ten years. These differences were exhibited both within a single site and among sites. The two main criteria used to determine which sources to include were recency and comprehensiveness, the relative weight afforded each depended on the nature of the available data. An effort was made to maintain internal consistency within a profile where a dataset existed that described several habitat characteristics collected concurrently, with broad coverage of the site and for the same project. If more recent data were available for selected parameters these were included in addition to the information from the broader dataset.

The Profile Categories

The heterogeneity of the source material also meant that the targeted information was not always available for every site and so consistency in the type of information provided for all the wetlands was not possible. Profile Categories Explained identifies both the type of information sought for the entry and the general objective for the category.

Review of the Profiles

To comment on the accuracy of the information and to apprise us of any important papers or research that may have been overlooked, the draft profiles and bibliography were reviewed by resource managers and selected wetland scientists. Landowners and/or groups with management responsibility for each site were also given an opportunity to review draft profiles.

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