California Wetlands Information System

Intermountain West Joint Venture

(North American Waterfowl Management Plan)

California Action Group

In the fall of 1994 the Intermountain West Joint Venture was formed and became a viable part of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. In the last year state Action Groups have been developed. The California Action Group has completed a working agreement, developed Focus Areas along the east side of California, and drafted plans for the Focus Areas.

California Focus Areas

Klamath Basin (coordinated with Oregon Action Group)
Modoc Plateau/Pit River/Surprise Valley
Honey Lake/Sierra Valley
Mono Lake Basin/Owens River/Walker River/Adobe Valley
Lower Colorado River/Salton Sea/Imperial Valley/ Coachella Valley/Mystic Lake (coordinated with Arizona Action Group)
Carson River/Stillwater Sink (coordinated with Nevada Action Group)

California Action Group Mission Statement

Maintain, enhance, and restore the components, structure and processes of healthy wetland ecosystems. Work with public agencies and private land owners to restore the functions of wetland habitat to improve water quality, increase waterfowl populations to desired levels, and to help provide important habitat for other wetland dependent species. Also, to strengthen existing statewide collaborative efforts, such as the 1991 Agreement on Biological Diversity, to help sustain and enhance the integrity of biological and natural resource systems and human and economic values they support.

CA Action Group Structure

The CA Action Group consists of a Core Group, organizations and agencies, and Focus Area Working Groups; private land owners, organizations, agencies, and tribes.

Core Group