California Wetlands Information System

Summary of U.S. EPA State/Tribal
Wetland Development Grant


  1. Area: Geographic area the project proposes to address (i.e. Bay Area, Southern California, Central Valley, etc.)
  2. SWCP: Types of initiatives the project proposes to implement (i.e. planning, regulatory, watershed, etc.)
  3. Cost: The total amount of the project cost
  4. Building State Capacity: Does the project build on the long-term ability of the State to manage wetland resources
  5. Project Coordination: Is the project compatible with past and current programs and activities
  6. U.S. EPA Criteria: Does the project meet the written grant guidelines, as well as goals expressed by U.S. EPA, Regions IX
  7. Capacity to perform Tasks (e.g. staff, expertise, equipment)
  8. Goals
  9. Local support from local government or NGO's or the stakeholder community
  10. Management support
  11. Past Grant record: Has the project applicant completed all the tasks called of for in U.S. EPA wetland grant projects? Did they complete them in a timely manner?
  12. Timing: can the grant be effectively implemented in the proposed timeframe?)


The grants program is currently supporting:

For more information about the Grant Program please contact:

a) Cheryl McGovern, U.S. EPA - Region IX, (415) 744-2013 email:

b) Christopher Potter, Resources Agency, (916) 653-5656 email:

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