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Development Grant-Fiscal Year 1998

FY 98 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

State Agency
Application Title
Project Summary
Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District Alpine Meadow Wetlands/Watershed Restoration Project in the Sierra Nevada The objectives of this effort are to: 1) restore the hydrologic system in the watershed; 2) achieve sustainable resource management of timber, grazing lands and wildlife; 3) improve wildlife habitat; 4) develop the capabilities of the partnership through a pilot watershed project; and 5) demonstrate an innovative approach to watershed restoration and monitoring. The Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District is the lead organization and will be working in partnership wil several other federal, state and local groups.
San Francisco State University Developing a Unified Classification System for California's Vernal Pool Ecosystem To develop a unified classification system for California's vernal pool ecosystems. Since 1995 U.S. EPA has provided funding to the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) to assist them with mapping vernal pools statewide. Through this research, CDFG demarcated seventeen separate vernal pool regions scattered across California from north to south. This project will take the next step toward classifying the types of vernal pool ecosystems within each of these seventeen regions. Currently, several incomplete and incompatible classification systems are being used to describe and group the physical, chemical, and biological features of different vernal pool ecosystems. however, a more comprehensive system is required to establish a statewide network of conservation areas that shelters the fullest possible diversity of soils, landforms, hydrological systems and the associated biota.
Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District Humboldt Bay Wetlands Management Plan The purpose of this project is to support the development of a comprehensive management and conservation plan for the Humboldt Bay ecosystem and its associated wetlands. The objectives include: meeting the California Wetlands Conservation Policy; identifying and inviting all stakeholders to participate in the development of this plan; facilitating the development of a comprehensive plan to conserve, manage, and protect Humboldt Bay's ecosystems; developing agreements that will allow for impacts and mitigation for wetlands in certain areas while providing permanent protection of wetlands in other areas; and developing a plan that will be implemented by local lead agencies.
Association of Bay Area Governments Wetlands Protection The objective of this project is to streamline the regulatory permit process for the protection of wetlands using Washington Department of Ecology's "Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application" (JARPA) as a model. The project is one of the actions called for in the San Francisco Estuary project's CCMP. It responds to a need that has been voiced by the regulated community that the permitting process is too burdensome. This project hopes to ease that burden while increasing wetlands protection by having applicants better educated about the process, and agencies better coordinated earlier in the permit process.

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