California Wetlands Information System

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Development Grant-Fiscal Year 1997

FY 97 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

State Agency
Application Title
Project Summary
State Water Resources Control Board Comprehensive Clean Water Act, Section 404, permitting program assumption The development and initial implementation of a new, comprehensive California wetlands permitting program which blends State Assumption of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Clean Water Act-section 404 permit program, for permitting discharges of dredge materials, with ongoing implementation of the State Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification Program
State Water Resources Control Board San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board - Clean Water Act, Section 404, permitting assumption pilot project See above Summary
State Water Resources Control Board Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board - wetlands management planning See above Summary
Department of Fish & Game Arundo Eradication in Northern/Central California The project proposes to establish a demonstration project in four locations in northern/central California to eradicate Arundo is an invasive, exotic plant species. The primary objectives are eradication of Arundo in selected sites, completion of a herbicide hazard assessment for non-targeted aquatic organisms, production of educational materials, and the development of general survey technique to be used throughout the state.
Department of Water Resources Floodplain Management and outreach This project proposes to develop and deliver through local training workshops a comprehensive course in multi-objective management. It would train local officials to develop a complete and cost-effective approach to floodplain management and wetlands protection and enhancement on a watershed basis
State Coastal Conservancy Calleguas/Mugu Lagoon Restoration Project The purpose of this grant is to prepare a restoration plan to restore and enhance this salt marsh along with the primary resources of the watershed. The plan will inventory, map, and compare these resources, propose restoration alternatives to enhance or expand wetlands functions; recommend restoration priorities based on the rarity and quality of resources and the potential to provide other benefits such as flood management, buffers, habitat corridors, wetlands mitigation, and recreational resources.
State Coastal Conservancy Goat Canyon Erosion and Sediment Control Plan This project proposes to develop strategies for reducing sediment flows to Tijuana Estuary wetlands from the Goat Canyon Creek watershed including site-specific plans and specifications for identified problem areas and more generalized treatments. The program will produce a unified binational plan on which identifies low cost implementation strategies.

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