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Development Grant-Fiscal Year 1996

FY 96 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

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Application Title
Project Summary
California Coastal Conservancy Los Angeles River Watershed Wetlands Study The Los Angeles River Watershed Wetlands Study will support a larger multi-party planning effort to develop a restoration and management plan for the river and watershed. The wetlands study will: 1. Assess the wetland resources of the river and habitat values; 2. Develop wetland profiles and expand an existing GIS; and 3. Develop restoration options/opportunities for selected wetland sites within the watershed.
California Coastal Commission Monitoring the Integrity of Wetland Mitigation and Restoration Projects in California's Coastal Zone: Development of a Geographic Information System as a Demonstration Project for Statewide Application This project focuses on the development of a computer-based Wetlands tracking System (WETS) to monitor and assess permitted wetland mitigation and restoration projects occurring in the coastal zone (scheduled for completion June 30, 1996). The purpose is to maximize the utility of the WETS by linking the permit information captured in the WETS database with computer-based maps, resulting in a fully integrated Geographic Information system (GIS) for monitoring wetland mitigation and restoration projects occurring in California's coastal zone. Primary benefits of the GIS-based WETS include: 1. Locating individually permitted projects on electronically stored maps; 2. Linking information collected during the permitting process with spatial information stored on the electronic maps; 3. Increasing staff capacity to analyze wetland related projects; 4. Distributing WETS through the Wetlands Home Page; and 5. Establishing a methodology necessary for ensuring the long-term existence of the GIS-based WETS.
California State Water Resources Control Board: Regional Water Quality Control Board North Bay Wetland Protection Plan This project will establish a pilot program for testing partial state assumption of the Section 404 wetland permit program from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. The goal of the project is to test the efficacy of streamlining the Section 404 and Section 401 water quality certification requirements. Grant monies will also be used to develop inter-agency program procedures, implement an integrated permit tracking and reporting system, perform field inspections, and process permits.
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) North Bay Wetlands Protection Plan This project is a voluntary partnership between BCDC and the eight local governments in the North bay area. The purpose of this project is to provide local governments with the tools and information needed to ensure the protection, enhancement, and restoration of North bay wetlands while allowing compatible uses such as agriculture, recreation, and public education to continue. This project also hopes to direct incompatible uses to other locations.
California State Water Resources Control Board & Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board Protect and Implement Lahontan Region's Wetlands Management Policies This project focuses on elements of the Governor's Wetlands Policy: 1. Continuation of wetlands planning program; 2. Permit coordination/"streamlining"; 3. 404 assumption assistance; 4. Wetlands as a component of watershed planning; 5. Use of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers HGM methodology for wetland assessment; and 6. Monitoring elements necessary for general permits or other general regulatory actions.
California State Coastal Conservancy River Corridor Management Plan for San Luis Rey River This project will assess the conditions of the river and identify problems, corrective measures, and habitat enhancement opportunities; establish a watershed advisory council; and coordinate the development of a comprehensive watershed management plan through a series of public meetings.
California Coastal Conservancy San Diego Creek Watershed Enhancement Plan This project will develop a comprehensive water management and restoration plan for San Diego Creek/Upper Newport Bay in Orange County. The Plan will address sedimentation of the Bay, loss and degradation of habitat values (wetlands and uplands), nutrient loadings and other water quality impacts, and opportunities to enhance both recreational and habitat values in the watershed.
California Department of Fish and Game South Sacramento County Habitat Conservation Plan The grant will enable the State and County to prepare a multi-species habitat conservation plan (HCP) to address development pressures and the losses of vernal pools, riparian habitats, oak woodlands, rangelands, and farms in southeast Sacramento County. The feasibility study for the HCP provided growth scenarios and identified conservation opportunities within and beyond the Urban Services Boundary (USB) designated by the recently approved General Plan. USEPA and the State are concerned that, during this phase of HCP preparation, the County is entertaining proposals for residential and commercial development beyond the USB. These developments may require formal amendments to the General Plan. Also, thousands of acres of rangelands supporting vernal pools and other wetlands are being deep-ripped and converted to vineyards under the Nationwide #26 permit program, and through after-the-fact Section 4040 permits. The rangelands comprise the heart of what could be a large conservation area near the border with San Joaquin County..
California Coastal Conservancy Southern California Wetlands Inventory - Phase III This project completes the effort begun with Phases I and II to develop a database of existing information on 41 coastal wetlands that lie between the Mexican border and Point Conception in northern Santa Barbara County. There are three types of information for each site: 1. A map showing the historical extent of wetlands; 2. A map showing recent distribution of habitat types; and 3. A "profile" that provides a brief summary of ecological conditions, land use, and enhancement opportunities. Resulting information will be made available on the Internet, as well as in hard copy and through the database itself. A state and federal interagency workgroup is using the database to assess the wetland resources of the region, set restoration goals, and do regional planning. Subsequent "phases" are envisioned for continuing the inventory for coastal watersheds and inland areas.
The Resources Agency State Wetlands Conservation Development and Implementation Plan This project focuses on important elements from the Governor's Wetlands Policy, including the continuation of California's State Wetlands Conservation Plan implementation. The Resources Agency, along with the California EPA, are the state leads for implementing this plan. In order to ensure the coordinated implementation of the regional planning efforts among state, as well as federal and local entities, The Resources Agency will continue to assist and coordinate the State Wetlands Conservation Plan initiative in the areas of wetlands planning, regulatory efforts, and cooperative planning efforts. 3. Project Location
California State University Monterey Bay: Watershed Institute Watershed Restoration in Monterey Bay Area This project will create four sub-committees to develop the planning, monitoring, restoration, and education components at two degraded wetland sites in Monterey - one at the mouth of the Salinas River and the Bay, and the other at a site adjacent to Salinas High School. Specifically, the work will focus on integrating restoration and supporting a newly constructed greenhouse with university course work while participating with several other agencies to develop a long-term, comprehensive watershed plan. An additional component of this project is the development of an incentive program for farmers who support riparian restoration on their land.

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