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FY 95 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

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The Resources Agency California Wetlands Conservation Plan Implementation The Resources Agency is facilitating the implementation of California's State Wetlands Conservation Policy initiatives, including coordination of regional planning efforts among state, federal, and local entities, the Bat Area wetlands Planning Group, the Southern California Wetlands Planning Group, and the Vernal Pool Planning Effort. The Resources Agency is continuing its effort to coordinate and consolidate regulatory programs to reduce the procedural complexities inherent in many wetlands regulatory programs. The Resources is monitoring and/or directly participating in other local and regional planning efforts such as the Upper Sacramento River Planning and the Santa Rosa Vernal Pool Ecosystem Plan.
California State Water Resources Control Board: Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board Development of a Comprehensive Regional Board Program for Improving Wetland Protection, Regulation, and Restoration The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board is developing a coordinated regulatory program to consider the need for wetland protection and wetland development, encourage effective wetland restoration, and establish consistency and coordination in wetland permitting actions among various federal and State agencies, and the local agencies of Mono, Inyo, and Alpine Counties. The wetlands databases being updated for Mono, Inyo, and Alpine county watersheds to include more wetland locations and beneficial use information, and assessment of wetlands within each major watershed to show resource values, identification of restoration sites, and tracking of permit and restoration activities. Staff are working with the county and federal agencies to develop a coordinated wetland permitting process.
California Coastal Conservancy Habitat Protection and Restoration Plan for Lower Malibu Creek and Lagoon The Coastal Conservancy is developing a Lower Malibu Creek and Lagoon Restoration Plan to address problems associated with upstream activities located in an urban environment. Unseasonal flows, increased sedimentation, instream structures, loss of habitat, loss of tidal prism, mechanical breaching of lagoon mouth, encroaching development, heavy recreational use, and eutrophication are some of the impacts to this rare ecological feature of the Los Angeles area. The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the physical processes currently art work in Lower Malibu Creek and lagoon, to describe and prioritize enhancement and restoration opportunities, and to provide a forum for decision-making that: 1) involves all the stakeholders in the project area in understanding, protecting, and managing its natural environment and biota; and 2) protects and restores the native biodiversity, wetland and riparian habitats, and human health and recreational values of the Lower Malibu Creek lagoon.
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) North Bay Wetlands Protection Plan The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission is preparing the North bay Wetlands Protection Plan and accompanying background reports. The Plan will serve as a comprehensive guide for the protection, restoration, enhancement, use, and appropriate development of wetlands and upland area in the North Bay planning area. This area includes historical baylands, salt ponds, managed wetlands, tidal marshes, open water, surrounding agricultural lands, and adjacent upland and transitional zones.
California State Water Resources Control Board: San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Implementation of the Clean Water Act Section 404 "Pilot Project" in the San Francisco Estuary The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board is initiating a pilot project to assess state processing of dredge and fill permits using a "watershed management" approach to enhance efficiency and strengthen wetlands management and protection. Components of the Pilot Project include development of interagency program procedures with the Corps of Engineers, processing of wetland permits by the Regional board staff, implementation of the integrated permit tracking and reporting system, performance of field inspections and enforcement activities, and evaluation of the project. The evaluation of the results of the pilot project will be used to develop a long-term regulatory strategy that will increase permitting efficiency and promote attainment of wetland conservation goals as outlined in the State Wetland Conservation Policy.
California Coastal Commission Monitoring and Assessing the Integrity of Wetland Mitigation and restoration The California Coastal Commission is developing a computer-based system to monitor and assess wetland mitigation and restoration projects permitted by the Commission. The project is advancing California's Wetlands Conservation Policy through the development of basic methodologies for implementation of a statewide system to track wetland mitigation and restoration projects. A secondary objective of this project is to develop a database of previous wetland mitigation and restoration projects to use in evaluating the effectiveness of past projects.
California Coastal Conservancy San Luis Rey River Comprehensive Plan The California Coastal Conservancy is working with the San Diego County Department of Planning and Land Use to continue development of the San Luis Rey River Comprehensive Management Plan. The primary activity for this phase involves the identification and refinement of land use and environmental issues for the watershed. Public meetings/workshops in the communities affected by the plan are informing the public and obtaining public input and participation in the development of the plan. The Conservancy is seeking public input on issues affecting the river and the future vision for the river. This information is being used to refine the goals and objectives of the plan.
California Coastal Conservancy: Resource Enhancement Program Southern California Wetlands Inventory The Coastal Conservancy is inventorying, mapping, and characterizing coastal wetlands in southern California. Using existing information, the inventory will result in a comprehensive database of both mapped and written information describing coastal wetland resources. The purposes of this effort are to provide a basis for regional wetland planning and education and improve coordination of wetlands protection and regulatory activities in the region. The inventory is mapping existing conditions and historical distribution, describing current resource values, and providing an annotated bibliography of literature documenting each site. This project is part of a multi-phased effort to cover the entire southern California region. This project is being carried out with the assistance of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Coastal Commission in coordination with the State Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
California Department of Fish and Game: Natural Heritage Division State Wetlands Program Development The Department of Fish and Game is reviewing, updating, and validating existing biological resource data and other ancillary planning data for vernal pool areas to assist in the development of a statewide, comprehensive vernal pool conservation plan. Work under this grant is focusing on areas in the Central Valley of California. The inventory and assessment are: 1) helping to determine the extent, distribution, and condition of vernal pool resources; 2) providing additional field work in specific geographic areas which lack current information; 3) identifying boundaries of watersheds necessary to sustain the ecological viability of the pools; 4) providing information aiding in the analysis of cumulative impacts to vernal pool resources; and 5) assisting ongoing large-scale regional planning efforts.
Campo Band of Mission Indians: Campo Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Protection Project 1. designing and implementing a pilot watershed project for the protection of wetlands; 2. conducting wetlands protection program presentations; 3. implementing wetlands assessment and monitoring program; 4. designing and implementing a wetlands awareness and education program; and 5. conducting a hands-on tour of reservation wetlands to demonstrate cultural uses and restoration successes for the wetlands workshop.

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