California Wetlands Information System

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Development Grant-Fiscal Year 1994

FY 94 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

State Agency
Application Title
Project Summary
Department of Fish & Game Statewide Analysis of Wetland Resources This project proposes to perform a statewide inventory of wetland resources for conservation, protection, and management planning as outlined in the State Wetlands Conservation Policy. This project will create a GIS database that organizes several data sources for this inventory, from around the state, into one location.
Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board Planning & Policy Development for Impact Avoidance to Long Valley/June Lake Wetlands This project proposes to develop detailed wetland maps for June Lake/Long Valley in Mono County. This grant would provide for the identification of wetlands and development of policies to avoid or mitigate the impacts to wetlands through either a Special Area Management Plan (SAMP) or Regional Basin Plan.
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (SFBRWQCB) Implementation of Pilot Regulatory Program The development and initial implementation of a new wetlands permitting program which blends State Assumption of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Clean Water Act-section 404 permit program, for permitting discharges of dredge materials, with ongoing implementation of the State Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification Program
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) North Bay Special Area Plan This project proposes to develop a Special Area Plan to guide the use, protections, restoration, and development of wetlands, diked historic baylands, and other major embayments within San Francisco Bay. The Special Area Plan can and will be used to achieve the objectives of the Regional Management Plan (RMP) for the North Bay, being developed through the "North bay Initiative."
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) Joint Agency Permit Coordination Pilot Program The project is intended to increase the effectiveness of the state wetlands planning and regulatory process for San Francisco Bay region by coordinating certain wetland and dredging planning and regulatory activities of BCDC and the SFBRWQCB. The objective of this project is to increase protection and promote enhancement of the Bay's wetlands while improving the efficiency of state wetland and dredging regulatory activities.
State Coastal Conservancy Santa Ynez Comprehensive Enhancement and Management Plan This project proposes to develop a wetlands and watershed enhancement and management plan for the Santa Ynez River in Santa Barbara County to address water quality, flooding, ground water recharge, wildlife, and recreational concerns within the 900 square mile watershed.

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