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Development Grant-Fiscal Year 1993

FY 1993 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

State Agency
Application Title
Project Summary
Wildlife Conservation Board California Riparian Habitat Conservation Program The State will develop a statewide riparian inventory which will serve as a foundation for both the State Wetlands Conservation Plan and the Rivers Assessment Program. The Wildlife Conservation Board will identify existing data on riparian habitat, develop a riparian habitat classification which incorporates the other systems used to collect existing data, develop a database architecture, and organize input into the new system. Case studies will be used to verify the procedures established.
California Department of Fish and Game Consumnes River Watershed Protection Demonstration The Consumnes River watershed is an important natural diversity resource for both public and private entities. The goal of this project is to conduct a watershed-wide analysis of the Consumnes River's hydrological system and the biological diversity that depends on it. A hydrological model and aquatic ecology model will be developed for the watershed. This work will be the basis for determining riparian and land use relationships in future projects. The long-range goal for the California Department of Fish and Game in this watershed is to develop and promote public-private partnerships for high quality natural resource stewardship.
State Coastal Conservancy Development of a Watershed Management and Alternative Flood Control Plan for the Santa Margarita River The State Coastal Conservancy will develop flood control and engineering design criteria for the Santa Margarita River watershed which focuses on the long-term preservation of wetland/riparian habitats and the maintenance of hydrologic balance in the watershed. Economic evaluation will also be included to provide a basis for negotiation and cost sharing between various levels of government and private parties.
California State Water Resources Control Board Implementation of the Regional Wetlands Management Plan This grant would support a State pilot project under which the Regional Board would take responsibility for implementing certain aspects of the Nationwide Permit Program under a State Program General Permit. The Regional Board is currently developing a plan for the pilot project under a 1992 grant, and would be expected to incrementally take on more responsibility in FY94. As a pilot initiative, this project will serve as a model for the other eight Regional Boards.
State Coastal Conservancy Multi-Objective River Corridor Management Plan for the San Luis Rey River Work is under way to identify existing land uses and the condition of watershed resources (e.g., habitat quality, species diversity, mineral resources, and water quality) in the San Luis Rey River Watershed. This grant would fund an inter-agency effort to define and prioritize watershed use and environmental issues, and to identify commonly accepted goals and objectives.
California Department of Parks and Recreation San Joaquin River Wetlands Protection This project will serve as a model of State agency implementation of recommendations of the State Wetlands Conservation Planning. The California Department of Parks and Recreation will conduct comprehensive management planning for State-owned lands along the San Joaquin River. This project will bee coordinated with other watershed planning efforts for the river.
California Resources Agency State Wetlands Conservation Plan Implementation This grant will support policy implementation of the State Wetlands Conservation Plan developed under a 1992 wetlands grant. The workplan includes the following general tasks: 1. Wetlands planning; 2. New legislation and administrative actions; 3. Coordination of regulatory programs; and 4. Non-regulatory wetlands conservation initiatives.
California Department of Fish and Game Statewide Identification and Analysis of Wetland Resources for Conservation, Protection, and Management Planning This grant will fund the consolidation and quality verification of wetlands data scattered throughout various State, Federal, local, and private organizations. The consolidated wetlands data will be made available through the centralized Department of Fish and Game Geographic Information system. The consolidated data will be used in the development of the California Wetlands Conservation Plan, as well as for the activities of the California Biodiversity Executive Council. A California wetlands data gap analysis will be carried out as a part of this project to foster the effective use of resources for future data gathering.
Campo Band of Kumeyaay Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Protection Program This grant will help fund the development of the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Wetlands Protection Program which will include: 1. establishing wetland protection goals in Campo Band's constitutional framework; 2. inventory and assessment of wetland resources; and 3. evaluation of protection mechanisms for wetland resources.
Morongo Band of Mission Indians Wetlands Protection Project This grant will help fund the development of the Morongo Tribal Wetland Conservation Plan which will be incorporated into the Tribe's overall economic development strategy. The intent of the plan is to achieve "no net loss" of Tribal wetlands coupled with a long-term net gain of wetlands. The plan will also serve as a model for other small Tribes in the region.

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